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8" Mirror Grinding
8" F6 Project

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Another component drawn with Autocad was the tube rings. I was wanting something stylish for this component verses the box approach. I had seen a picture off the Internet of someone else's telescope that had wood rings as the tube holder, so I decided to try an make my own.

The picture to the right shows my guide lines along with a couple of completed cuts.

I used a router with a circle jig that I had made a couple of years ago to cut out this component along with any other circle I used in the telescope project. I used a roto-zip bit for the actual cutting verses a router bit. With the roto-zip bit I could make a complete cut with one pass.

On the right is a ring after the router treatment. One down one more to go.


After the router treatment I used a band saw to cut out the remaining ring out. This would be sliced in half after the other ring was completed so they could both be cut at the same time.



Both rings cut an sliced, and ready for sanding. One thing that was hard to account for was the diameter of the inside hole after sanding. I was wanting a 1/8" extra space on the inside of the tube an rings. What I forgot to account for was a 1/8" on both sides means 1/4" bigger diameter as a whole.


Here are the completed rings. From here hinges will be attached along with 10" altitude bearings.



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