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8" Mirror Grinding
8" F6 Project

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Once I found the balance point on the tube, I was then able to design an build the rocker box. The whole assembly was made out of 3/4" dumpster-ply, with the exception of the bottom of the box. Here I used 1/2" plywood. This is one of the components I had drawn on Autocad. I allowed a extra 1-2" height on the rocker. This along with the adjustable tube rings would allow me to use heavy 2" eyepieces without the need for extra counter balance weight.

I was wanting something a little more stylish than the standard box, along with keeping the weight down. I made a paper template of a moon, an cut this out using a jig saw.

In my original plan I was going to have the sides with a different angle of taper but ended up making them symmetrical.


In the picture to the left the whole assembly is being glued. After the glue sets for a bit I would then use finishing nails along the seams for added support.

On the right can be seen the 1st coat of paint. I chose white for the outside of the box, so it could be seen easily at a star party, an would use black on the inside to help keep light from reflecting into the bottom of the tube.


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