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Black Forest 2000
Star Party

Black Forest star party is held at Cherry Springs State Park. Cherry Springs State Park is located in North Central Pennsylvania 10 miles south east of a little town called Coudersport. The skies here are the darkest that I have seen east of the Mississippi.

The following pictures here are from my 1st year at Black Forest. At the time I had a 4.5" F8 Meade reflector. I felt like I had the smallest telescope there, but even at the time with the small aperture the viewing was great.

About 1 hour away from Black Forest.

A view down DOB lane.

This is my home for the weekend.

Here is a home made split ring scope.

The upper cage on the split ring scope used a unique ball an socket connection for attaching the upper cage.

Part of the drive system on the split ring.

This is one of the telescopes that won a award that year. This is a 10" scope
(Nice job Chuck)

A compact view of Chuck's scope.

Chuck's scope all fits into the box pictured minus the truss poles.
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